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Battlezone Gold Edition Free Download PC Game setup in single direct link for Windows. It is an amazing action game. Battlezone version ( Battlezone is a 3D action game. The story is that of a ‘s meteor shower where American and. Download Battlezone – DOS Version. Download for PC. DOS version – Language: English – Size: Mb. Download for Mac. DOS version – Language.

Battlezone free download pc

Battles are fought within a large valley surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. I don’t see an option for it in the options menu, and i downloaded the dos version which only has a. The latest version of Bluestacks comes with a lot of stunning features. The game ends for each player as the player quit the game and only for the player quitting the game. Download Battlezone We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like.


Battlezone free download pc


Is it now “hostage ware”? Tom 0 point. This is just like the Playstation 4 game Battlezone. It’s made for the PSVR headset, wonderful game. You sit in the cockpit of this tank while you blow them all away. Difficulty increases the further in the map you go, and upgrades are available as well.

CraftyMiner 0 point DOS version. I can’t control the tank’s movement once it starts moving. I press the direction key one time and it goes crazy and it won’t stop! Ackyan Bumblepudd 2 points. It was the unspoken assumption at the time that the tank scenes in the movie Tron were directly inspired by this game.

Mr Vampire 1 point Commodore 64 version. A true timeless classic game. I recall playing this in the arcade when arcades were a new thing and was thrilled at finding it for the C Have win 10, 32 on a 64 which will be changed soon – my bad and I played it in firefox. I loved this game way back when I would be blown up before I had a chance to get my bearings. It literally went 5 times faster than what it was supposed to go.

Oh well, other games do work. I understand everything is still getting the bugs ironed out. This is why I tell you this so hopefully you can do something about this problem. I downloaded the game, so I will see if it works then. I don’t think so, but I’m gonna try. Sas 1 point DOS version. How do i turn the speed down?

I don’t see an option for it in the options menu, and i downloaded the dos version which only has a. Do I need to mount the. Denis -7 points DOS version. Fantastic game. The smart single-player U. Russia campaigns are devised to complement the game’s learning curve; the American campaign is a pseudo-tutorial that brings you into the action smoothly the Russian story line is much harder.

Highly challenging, but never vague or impossible, the scenarios are extremely engaging, making for an excellent solo experience. You can also jump right into battle, which will please gun-happy robot-sim fans. Battlezone’s visuals are a gothicAech delight, from the murky skies of Mars to the ominously dark, dead moon.

Your rag-tag fleet’s air of desparation pushes the familiar story line through clunky dialogue and gross voice overacting. Battlezone’s crisp, blasting sound effects and ominous score complement the breakneck action perfectly, though. The real star of this game, however, is the hyperkinetic action–Battlezone shines in combat, making it a must-play for action fans.

This ain’t your father’s Cold War, though–unless he was in the race for alien bio-metal technology. You’ll command troops, build factories, gather resources, and attack the enemy, all from a first-person perspective.

Players will battle in 30 nonlinear missions on 7 planets using over 25 weapons. Even in its alpha stage, Battlezone’s a stunner and looks to have it all: beauty, brains, and brawn.

During the early part of the Cold War, a meteor shower hit the Earth and several other planets in our solar system. American scientists discovered a material in the meteor fragments that they named Bio-Metal.

They found that Bio-Metal had a certain amount of sentience and could remember what it used to be. With just a little encouraging, it would change back to what it had been before — alien vehicles, weapons, and ships. While Neil Armstrong was getting ready for his first visit to the moon, the Americans were already in the process of colonizing other worlds. The good news was that these new technologies would give them incredible power.

The bad news was that their enemies at that time, the Soviets, had found the Bio-Metal too. Now it’s up to you, and only you, to gain the upper hand. Battlezone is, for the most part, a “blow things up to reach your mission objective” type of game.

You drive a vehicle that you use to aim and shoot at things. The controls are really simple; almost everyone will be able to drive these tanks after just a couple of minutes. Your vehicle can move forward, backward, side to side, and has limited jump capabilities.

The fun part in my opinion is the command interface. You control your units and buildings using hotkeys and can tell your people to do different things by pressing just a few keys. You can easily command other tanks in your squad to attack or defend, or instruct your support units and buildings to repair or create new units.

In addition to the two single-player campaigns, you have the option of playing with up to four players on multiplayer missions. The Battlezone artificial intelligence is both good and bad. The different vehicles will swerve and dodge while firing back, but your people need constant babysitting. I found it really annoying when my expensive bombers were using modern combat tactics while firing their empty missile racks at the enemies.

When I tried to tell them to resupply their ammo, they started running in circles while they were being destroyed. I was also disappointed by the missions in single player. When there is supposedly another base attacking the Soviets with you, you are really on your own. What this means is that the mission appears to be a “coordinated strike” — you will hear incoming transmissions from your allies around the corner and even have a camera you can look through to see your friend’s base — yet when you look at your radar a little more closely, there are NO allied units doing anything.

It was especially disappointing since the enemy AI can be so effective. The graphics are unbelievable. While watching the intro, I found myself thinking, “I hope the actual game will look like this. If you turn on all the graphics options and detail levels, the sights knock your socks off, especially when your enemies are blown away.

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