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An interesting word. What does it mean? Most of you reading this web site already know what it means, but many of you have no clue. Many newbies read this site and I get e-mails almost daily asking me questions like. I get these questions on an almost daily basis along with many others because every day there are new people who are just getting into photography who find this site.

What exactly does plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download term mean? Well, contrary to what some believe, it is NOT the word used to describe the actual blurring of the background in a photo.

One of the reasons I love Leica lenses is because I find they create some of the most pleasing Bokeh compared to Nikon, Canon or whoever. Leica glass is expensive but unique in the fact that it will give your images that something plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download that is not apparent when using other glass.

Canon and Nikon have some great glass like the Canon 85 1. In Bokeh land, I believe Настройка microsoft office word 2007 free for laptop free Вам Leica is king and the fact that their lenses plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download so tiny in comparison to Nikon or Canon plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download what also seals the deal for me.

Sure there are cheap Canon and Nikon lenses that will give you shallow Depth of Field but many times the bokeh qualities of many of these lenses are headache inducing.

So how do we get smooth pleasing bokeh without breaking the bank? I refused to even try it because plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download me, I knew there would be no продолжение здесь it would look good or natural. So I downloaded the plug in and started messing with it in Photoshop CS5. I used a D-Lux 5 image and as most of you know, getting shallow depth of field from a small sensor camera is very hard, and in some cases impossible so this image really did not have that creamy, dreamy look like I would have gotten from say a Canon 5DII and 85 1.

It was the perfect test image. Here is the result, my Предлагаю adobe audition cs6 has stopped working free download отличная try with Bokeh 2 and it took 4 seconds. As you can see from the above image, it is a bit over the top because i used the 85L 1. It is my favorite Canon lens. I can not say this preset recreated the depth of field the 85 would have given me, but the artificially created Bokeh looks pretty similar to the real deal.

Very smooth, very creamy and dreamlike. This got me to thinking…I mean, anyone can take a flat image from a small sensor camera and create fake Bokeh giving their image a unique look. How unique can you get? How about this one…. The image above was treated in Bokeh 2 using the mm Mirror Lens preset. I also used извиняюсь, adobe photoshop vs lightroom cc free download film preset in Exposure 2 to give the color a bump.

The original looks quite different…. You can see how Bokeh 2 can give your images a unique and surreal look. Some may like this look and some may HATE it but I have to admit it is quite fun to mess around with.

You can go right with plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download presets or 3.0 i download free audition adobe can customize to your hearts desire. It is easy to go a bit over the top like I did so be careful…. Fun stuff. If you want to give a try yourself, and have photoshop or plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download you can download the free demo HERE directly from Alien Skin.

Another very cool plug in from the guys at Alien Skin. Worked very well. Had a few requests for a video on how I processed the truck image from the X so here you go! Very quick, very easy! It came out a bit different than the original but […]. Beautiful Perfection. By Steve Huff I remember it well. Reviewing the Zeiss Loxia line with the 21 review35 review and 50mm review lenses made for the Sony […].

They are all tools be it a particular lens plugin et… They are used either pre or post processing to achieve a desired look effect et… There is no right or wrong way as long as it gives the effect the image maker wishes to achieve. We are our own worst critics and the general public will never know what we used be it a 2 million dollar stroke yourself lens or a 20 dollar plugin.

I know folks that can make better photographs with a plastic disposable camera than folks with stroke yourself gear. I find the whole idea of you must use this or that or it is not good enough or the quality is not there ect. Some of the plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download bewitching of images were created with cheap glass or plastic and as far as Bokeh or the appearance of circles of confusion very apparent smooth and silky.

There are a million ways to achieve these effects to greater or lesser degrees. But the only one that counts is does the tool achive what the artist sees in the minds eye? The quality of the bokeh itself is actually pretty good. But, the fact that it is fake bokeh would be spotted by most photographers in seconds. A quality lens at a wide aperture would not do this. To be fair, the plug in can create mild and more natural looking bokeh or it can be made to look crazy creative.

The express line image was a but over the top just to show how creative you can get. I thought it was fun and interesting. It pretty much has a similar effect to that photograph. For those poor souls who have caught the Bokeh-Bug and are boldly saving up to buy a beautiful Leica Noctilux or a Canon 85 f1. Be aware that there is an excellent alternative to the afore mentioned plugin that you probably have right now installed on your pc! With the Bokeh 2 plugin, Steve was able to achieve his first virtual bokeh in a mere 4 seconds.

With just Photoshop, it took me about 2 minutes — whilst simultaneously drinking a nice cup of tea and enjoying a slice of apple tart it was breakfast time here to achieve something comparable. Of course, the whole image will be blurred but this is where the fun starts. Perfect this selection by clicking on Select — Transform Selection and then pull on the little square thingamajigs to get the ellipse to perfectly fit the face.

More for high resolution images, less for low image resolution images. Alternatively, you could simply use the Eraser Tool E to reveal the sharp face hidden behind ссылка blur. To perfect the image, you may wish to play around with Image — Adustments — Levels, to achieve a pleasant vignetting. Yes, you are absolutely right — I do need my eyes tested… but alas in my current country of residence France there is a 6 month waiting list for eye testing.

But I digress… I too have downloaded the Bokeh 2 demo. I outlined a simple technique to do what genuine bokeh is primarily designed to do: better isolate the subject so that the photograph gains in impact, clarity and conciseness. However, it is a techinique that can take hours of work. With the Plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download techinique I described, it would be possible to discreetly tweak the background just enough to eliminate that irritating bokeh and to produce the kind of picture that the author had in mind when he pressed the shutter release.

Plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download with care, this techinique will preserve the character of actual bokeh. I see the heat you take, but the overriding truth is, your experience with such a wide range of photographic tools and love of photography, not MTF data, makes you perfect for the job. After finding you, I have reduced my post work to little more than some sharpening and the occasional dodge and burn.

Point for this note. I tried this out as well…not a big fan. I have a license of OnOne FocalPoint2 which pretty much does the same thing, but I will definitely try Bokeh 2 demo version. How are you liking Exposure 2? Latest Posts. Best Starter Phono Pre?? Will it replace my Chord Qutest? Many newbies read this site and I get e-mails almost daily asking me questions like What is Bokeh? What is Aperture? How can I take a good picture?

The original looks quite different… You can see how Bokeh 2 can give your images a unique and surreal look. Alien Skin Bokeh 2. Next Daily Inspiration by Fredrick Laitinen.

Just for fun. Daily Inspiration. I have downloaded the demo and its a fun tool. If you dont see a difference than have your eyes checked, seriously. Thanks for the quick review! Very Interesting!


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I have the latest Nvidia drivers and I am up to date with windows If there is a way to manually change this I would be grateful. Edges look real bad and photoshop wont sharped images. I am guessing this is just the beginning of things that I will find in the coming days. I will do some plugin alien skin bokeh 2.01 free download with LIghtroom to make sure bokdh only Photoshop going through this. Adobe Photoshop Version: Modifier Palette: Enabled.

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