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Superman is available in its entirety here, and players have access to all of his abilities. They are also required to master and use those abilities carefully, as they try and save the day in Metropolis. The concepts here are amazing, with well-thought-out situations such as Superman being completely invincible, but failure becoming possible if too many casualties or damage is done to the city surrounding him. The title also offers multiple solutions to the problems around the city, which require some puzzle-solving to get the best results out of him.

And while conceptually this might be one of the best solutions to the problem of having an invincible protagonist, the gameplay is actually poorly designed. To be completely honest, the flying aspect of the game felt very cool at the time, with the screen getting blurred, and being able to travel across the map so quickly.

However, it aged poorly. The game had a very big map at the time, and it truly felt majestic, but everything inside looked from a generation before. From there the novelty of being a hero dies very fast, since you are pitted against the same number of robots, and flying creatures endlessly. The one thing that makes combat feel alive is the boss fights, which are few and far between, and they are a very small part of the game.

Finally, Superman is thrown into a story that feels very inconsistent. Story-wise there is literally no character development or story for a fact. Superman Returns: The Video Game is a series of chained events, and uneventful battles, that culminate in a glorious battle against a tornado.

Not any of the super villains, classic villains, or actual nemesis from Kal-El, but a giant tornado. There are way better superhero games. Honestly, unless you are one of the biggest Superman fans of all time, you are better off playing anything else. As we await a decent Superman game to come – even if it never does – just save yourself the struggle of playing this one.

It’s unfortunate that despite being an iconic superhero, Superman has always had less then stellar success in game format. Unlike the movie, which reinvigorated Superman for a modern audience, Superman Returns: The Videogame continues the long trend of mediocrity. Superman Returns: The Videogame alludes to being a movie tie in, but that link is tenuous at best. Instead of battling Lex Luthor you’ll instead defend Metropolis against the likes of Metallo, Bizarro and a few other super-villains that had nothing to do with the film.

The only real links to the film are a handful of cutscenes that gloss over the events of the film in between your battles with robots, tornados and dragons, oh my. To defend Metropolis you have the typical suite of Superman powers, such as heat vision, super breaths, flight and some powerful melee abilities.

This sounds more interesting then it is however because most of the objectives, which typical task you with fighting some sort of enemy such as the aforementioned robots or averting a natural disaster, are pretty boring. Moreover the actual combat suffers from suspect collision detection and a targeting system that doesn’t really give you a satisfactory way of changing targets.

These 80 square miles are brought to life for the first time in a videogame. Go anywhere and do anything in Metropolis as Superman. Non-linear gameplay allows you to explore and play the game exactly how you want to at your own pace. Where and how you fly — to the top of skyscrapers, dodging elevated trains — is completely up to you, since gameplay is designed as a true open world experience.

With notorious villains like Metallo and colossal challenges only Superman can overcome, you must navigate the Man of Steel to monitor and protect Metropolis from destruction.

Three distinct types of gameplay — Flying, Rescue, and Combat — will keep the action constant and the challenges relentless. Play both film-inspired missions as well as original content created exclusively for the videogame.

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