Windows 10 0xc00000e hatas free.How Can You Fix Error Code 0xc000000e in Windows 10? [MiniTool Tips]

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In this article we’ll show you how to manually restore an accidentally deleted Windows EFI boot partition on a UEFI computer. A step-by-step guide with screenshots to prepare Windows 10/8/7 bootable USB If you got any problems following this guide, feel free to ask questions by.


Windows 10 0xc00000e hatas free


If unfortunately your Windows computer boots into error 0xce, do you know how to fix it? This issue can be caused by different reasons and the solutions are various. In this article, MiniTool Software will show you the solutions as well as the relative information to help you solve this issue. When your computer boots into error 0xce, you will see a blue screen with the error message as follows:. This error message indicates that there is a hardware failure or a faulty drive configuration on your Windows computer.

The specified error message you receive may be different:. The exact causes for error 0xce are various, including the winload. When you are facing the Windows 10 boot error 0xce issue, you can first check the cables of your drives to see whether the connections are good. If the connections are OK, you will need to take some deep measures to make your computer boot from the operating system successfully.

If you are also looking for related solutions, you can read this article to get what you want to know. We collect the following solutions to solve the error 0xce. Thus, you can try these solutions to help you out. Click to tweet. When your computer boots into error 0xce, you can first check if there are any other devices that are connected to your computer.

If so, your computer may try to boot from the externally attached disk but not the drive that contains your operating system. And then, your computer might boot into error 0xce. You can keep on reading. If the configuration file is corrupted, your Windows 10 will fail to boot like Windows 10 boots into error 0xce.

After that, you can follow these steps to rebuild BCD on your computer. Click Next when you see the first screen after booting your computer from the bootable USB medium. You will see the Install now But, you should not press the Install now button. You need to press the Repair your computer link that is on the lower-left corner instead to continue. When a Windows installation is found, you need to press Y on the keyboard to let it boot from the list.

This will rebuild BCD. When the whole process ends, you can reboot your computer to see whether it can boot without error 0xce. Startup Repair is capable of diagnosing and fixing the found issues. For example, it can automatically scan system files, registry settings, configuration settings, etc. Startup Repair is especially useful when your computer is unbootable. Since your computer fails to boot, Windows can boot into WinRE automatically. Alternatively, if you have a bootable USB medium, you can also set your computer to boot from it and go to Repair your computer to enter WinRE.

Windows will begin to diagnose your computer automatically. When the process ends, your computer will restart automatically. You can wait to see whether it can boot successfully. The Windows 8. It has two basic functions: checks for signed drivers during the boot process and allows you to enable UEFI support. If you are using Windows 8. However, if it is not selected, your computer may boot into error 0xce.

If not, enable it to have a try. You should note that the Windows 8. If not, you can enable it to see whether the error code 0xce disappears. If Windows 10 boot error 0xce still appears after enabling the Windows 8. So, you can consider trying this method to see whether this issue can be solved. When the boot disk is marked as offline by mistake, your computer will definitely fail to boot. Windows 10 boot error 0xce is one form of manifestation. In a situation like this, you need to mark that disk as online to make your computer boot successfully.

You still need to use a bootable USB medium to do this job. We will show you a step-by-step guide here:. You can consider using MiniTool Power Data Recovery because it is a professional data recovery software and the bootable edition enables you to recover your data from an unbootable computer. You need to access the MiniTool official store to select a suitable edition that contains a bootable builder for further use. Additionally, you also need to prepare an external USB storage drive with enough capacity to save your data.

You can follow these two guides to create a bootable medium on a normal working computer and then set your computer to boot from that medium:. After the software is opened, you can see all the drives on your computer. Next, you should select the drive you want to recover data from and click the Scan button to continue. The software will begin to scan the selected drive. When the process ends, you can see the scan results. Then, you can select the files you want to recover and click the Save button to select a proper location to save them.

In this case, you should select an external drive to save your selected files. Now, your needed files are saved to the external storage drive. You can close this software, shut down the computer, and then reinstall Windows 10 on your computer.

Since your operating system has already been activated, you can click the I don’t have a product key link to enter the next page. On the following page, you need to select the drive you need to install Windows Usually, it is Drive 0.

Just select it and then click Delete to remove the partition from the hard drive. The Windows reinstallation process will begin. After that, you can create a new account and set up the environment based on your actual requirements. After reading this article, you will discover that it is not so difficult to fix Windows 10 boot error 0xce. There is always one method that can help you get rid of the error completely. If you still have other problems with this error code 0xce or want to know more information about MiniTool software, you can just contact us via [email protected] or let us know in the comment.

Download Power Data Recovery. Summary : If unfortunately your Windows computer boots into error 0xce, do you know how to fix it? It usually means that Boot Configuration Data is corrupted.


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